While house and field mice generally prefer to feed on grains, seeds, nuts, and berries, they will gnaw and chew on virtually anything including home insulation and wiring, and stored food stuffs. House mice prefer a dark habitat near sources of food and water, such as under sinks. They tend to scamper along solid surfaces such as baseboards, pressing one side of their bodies against the solid surface as they move. These mice typically sleep during the day and forage for food at night, and can reproduce throughout the year, producing 5 to 10 litters during their lifespan. Each litter typically consists of approximately 6 newborn mice, although litters of up to 12 are not uncommon.

House and field mice and rats are known carriers of a variety of diseases including salmonella (food poisoning) and pox. Their fecal matter and urine have a strong smell and have been known to aggravate the symptoms of those who suffer from asthma.

Brown rats are nocturnal omnivores that will consume almost anything but tend to prefer grains but will eat virtually anything, sometimes each other, when sources of food are scarce. Females typically produce up to 5 litters per year, each litter consisting of from 6 to 12 young. Brown rats are social creatures, living in large groups generally below ground level such as in cellars, sewers, and other man-made environments where food sources exist.

Ban-A-Pest service technicians utilize a number of effective rodent control products to help you eliminate mice and rats in your home, including Talon-G® packets and block baits placed in rodent stations both inside and outside of your home or structure. Trapping is another option and may be a safe and effective tool to rid your home of these pests.


Make sure to provide easy access to areas of known activity. Determine any known areas of entry and be prepared to describe these areas to the service technician so that the technician can effectively use baits and equipment to properly manage your rodent problem.


Seal all openings in and around your home or structure to prevent rodents from entering. Keep the home or structure neat and clean and free of open containers of food. Remove trash regularly. Seal any openings in and around your home or other structure.

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