termite2 termitesWhen your home is invaded by termites, trust Ban-A-Pest to provide quality service that is backed by our guarantee.

  • Free on-site inspection of the property will assure a diagnosis for eradication.
  • Free pinpoint pricing means no surprise bill when the job is completed.
  • Free five-year guarantee on most homes means no additional short-term cost worries.

Or choose our continuous protection plan, which means no more worries about termites for the life of the home! And yes, this plan is transferable, so even if you sell your home, the protection plan is a great marketing tool to help ease the minds of prospective buyers. We also offer pre-treatment services to prospective home builders. Give us a call. We will show you how to do it right.

Our Products

We offer the best termiticides and termite bait systems in the industry.

With a product like Termidor®, you can rest assured the termite infestation in your home will be eliminated. This product can come with a five-year guarantee on most homes. With its eco-friendly label, you can trust its safety and effectiveness. To learn more, click the Termidor link.

Our Exterra® Termite Interception and Bait System offers a non-intrusive alternative to drilling holes and digging trenches around your home. Imagine a system that has no known lethal effects on humans or animals, but will take a big bite out of termite populations affecting your home.
We offer a wide range of products to help keep termites away from your newly constructed home. From a cheaper alternative such as liquid pyretherins or Termidor for a pretreat use, we can provide the protection you need to fit any budget.

Before The Service Technician Arrives

Make sure to provide open access to affected areas so that the service technician can provide you with a safe and effective termiticide application. Remove any clutter in and around the affected area(s) such as crawl spaces and inner and outer walls. Reduce moisture sources as much as possible. Be prepared to report to the technician all areas where evidence of termites have been acknowledged.

After The Service Technician Leaves

Closely monitor your home or other structure for evidence of termites, particularly during spring and summer months. Maintain a clutter-free environment around the foundation of your home or dwelling.

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