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Most varieties of wasps (paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets) favor areas of shelter away from the elements to build their nests. Paper wasps (red wasps) and are commonly found under the eaves and awnings of homes and other structures. Hornet hives are generally found hanging from trees, on the sides of structures, under large rocks or loose tree bark, and will defend their hives aggressively. Yellow jacket nests are typically underground, but are also commonly found inside wall voids. Although most varieties of wasps feed on other insects, they are often drawn to food left in open containers and trash reciprocals. Each wasp can sting repeatedly and multiple stings have been known to cause death to those with allergic reactions.

Ban-A-Pest uses quality products such as Suspend® and UPstar Gold® to safely and efficiently eliminate wasp problems around your home or dwelling.


Be prepared to describe to the service technician areas where wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets have been discovered. Provide open access to these areas by removing any nearby clutter.


Make sure to secure all sources of food. Do not leave open containers of food outside during the spring and summer months. Make sure to keep garbage cans sealed as much as possible and make every possible attempt to seal any openings in your home, garage, or other structures.

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